BUSINESS CENTS NW, Inc. is a specialized bookkeeping and financial accounting business where we offer weekly and monthly services to meet all our customer’s needs.

Whether you need a simple review of your records, or a full-charge accountant to handle accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, quarterly taxes, financial analysis, reconciliations, auditing, and more, BUSINESS CENTS is the business for you.

We have more than 30 years of experience in multi-industry fields, using Quickbooks Online, Dext, Karbon, CorPay, and Onedrive.

Our Strengths


Shawn Hanlon Strengths Statement

My top strength is Leadership this allows me to get things done and at the same time maintain good relationships with those whom I work with. I am able to organize, prioritize and complete projects timely and efficiently. But there is more, my next strength is Kindness and I bring friendship, generosity, and consideration into all I do.

My next Strength is Humor so lots of fun and laughter happens in our business. I am also Fair which allows for an open mind and seeing that everyone gets a chance.

My fifth strength is Social Intelligence, and I bring curiosity, empathy and ability to see your needs. My top 5 strengths allows me to be an invaluable asset to your company.

Justin Hanlon Strengths Statement

My top strength is Honesty, so when I advise you, I will always tell you what is best instead of what I think you want to hear. My next strength is kindness which means having your best interest in mind is ingrained in me and I will always strive to have a great relationship with you.

My next strength is humor which means that not only am I hilarious, but I always see the lighter side of things and you can count on me to stay positive even in hard situations. My fourth strength is fairness so I will never mistreat you or your employees. I view you as friends and I will always treat you as such.

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Our Services

Accounts Payable

Invoice entry, payment processing
Statement reconciliation
Vendor correspondence
1099 and 1096 forms

Accounts Receivable

Customer invoicing

Job Costing

Time & material tracking
Profit & loss per job
Contract & estimate management


Non-profit financial audits
For-profit financial audits
Insurance premium audits


Balance sheet/income statements
General ledger reconciliations
Bank reconciliations
Financial budgeting
Cash flow forecasting


Employee payroll checks
Direct deposit
Electronic tax payment and tax form filing
Multi-state payroll
Fringe benefit accruals
Workers compensation code tracking
Quarterly & annual tax reporting
New hire reporting
W-2s & W-3s
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Client Testimonials

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